Employee Retention Tax Credit

July 6th, 2022

Up to $26,000 per employee

We are seeing employers not optimizing their ERC potential. Unfortunately, many employers have often been provided inaccurate or incomplete information regarding the ERC. In some cases, these employers have even been told they are not eligible for the ERC at all when they in fact are eligible.  Some employers have already claimed the ERC. In these situations, our partners perform an ERC “lookback” to determine whether there is additional ERC for which you may be eligible beyond what has already been claimed.
While eligibility and qualified wages are based on client-specific facts and circumstances, their experience with the ERC for small employers has ranged from $3,000 – $16,000 per employee, and for large employers has ranged $750 to $6,000 per employee.
Our partners will evaluate your specific impacts to determine whether they rise to the level of a full or partial suspension of your operations, thereby making you eligible for the ERC. Below are some examples of facts and circumstances that impacted other employers similar in size and scope:

  • Restrictions for travel and in-person meetings and events;  
  • Reduced hours of operation;  
  • Capacity limitations;
  • Suspension or closures of offices or locations due to COVID-19 exposure or infection;  
  • Mandatory quarantine of employees due to COVID-19 exposure or infection;  
  • Impact on operations due to compliance with OSHA CDC guidelines;  
  • Disruptions arising from mandated cleaning and sanitizing;   
  • Labor shortages and staffing challenges due to COVID-19 (ex: school closures resulting in childcare issues for employees); and  
  • Mandated remote work resulting in transition delays and other issues (ex: disruption from transition to e-learning).

A little bit of information on our partners:

  • They are an industry leader in identifying and processing business tax credits and incentives.
  • Their Government Relations and Legal Team are actively involved with outside counsel and members of Congress to ensure their processes are aligned with the law.
  • Their clients receive an Eligibility Statement upon delivery of the credit calculation to document eligibility for the ERC. 
  • If their clients were ever audited by the IRS, they provide audit support to defend their work product. In over 40 years of business, their work has been consistently by the book while getting the most for their clients.
  • Services are billed on a contingency fee based upon credits calculated during a documented eligibility period.
  • They have worked with over 14,000 businesses across the United States.

I welcome the opportunity to introduce you to Synergi Partners for further discussion. Contact to schedule a 30-minute conversation to see if you are eligible.


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